My book titled Insights from the Masters – A Compilation is based on the remarkable correspondence known as  The Mahatma Letters  which were written between two Mahatmas of the Himalayan brotherhood and two influential British men in India in the 1880s. These letters now housed in the British Library, London, UK, contain extensive metaphysical and philosophical teachings treasured by students of the Ageless Wisdom throughout the world.

This compilation outlines the fascinating saga of how these missives came to be written and covers a broad spectrum of themes (50 in total) including subjects regarding the mysteries of life and the universe, for which people like you and me are seeking answers. Covered are such topics as Reincarnation, Karma, Dying and Life after Death,  Adepts, Discipleship, Healing, Science, Civilization, Creation, Evolution and many more. Also included are vignettes of the Masters demonstrating their captivating humor and humanity, as well as intriguing comments with regard to the behavior and lives of some of the major figures of the theosophical movement at that period.

Insights from the Masters is shortly to be released in the UK by John Hunt Publishers. Any proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Theosophical order of Service in Canada which is funding three specific projects: sponsoring the education of children at the Golden Link School in the Philippines, providing medical help tp Tibetans at the Tibetan Delek Hospital in Dharamsala, and the India, and assisting animal welfare at the Animal Hospital in Adyar, Chennai, India. For further information please contact this website or

The book is now available at all leading book stores and

ISBN: 978 1 78535 338 3