Interest in spirituality began for me in early childhood in the 1940s in Southern England, following the devastation of WW II. As a young person the life of Jesus inspired me and I was an avid church goer. However, I was always seeking for answers and understanding regarding the purpose and mysteries of life and the universe. It was not until my late twenties, after emigrating to Western Canada, that I met my life-partner-to-be, George, who introduced me to the teachings of the Theosophy and the Ageless Wisdom.

My career was in the field of music education, and later in special education, assisting children with learning disabilities. This was to prove an invaluable preparation for my passion in promoting programs on the Ageless Wisdom for the general public in Canada, which spanned three decades. For 16 years I edited and wrote for a theosophical magazine titled Pathways. Currently I am residing in Victoria, BC, and hold the position of president for the Theosophical Society, Victoria, BC. , a commitment I have held for a number of years.