The Emergence of the Universe…Part 10

The Third Great Stage and the Celestial Hosts

At the third significant stage of Re-Emergence, a great Mystery comes about involving the seven Creative Powers of Hosts which are referred to in Christianity in The Book of Revelations as “The Seven Spirits before the throne of God.” The third Logos, which is can also be called Brahma, becomes these Seven and with their assistance the true building of Cosmos comes into being.

Why we may well ask, the number seven? But, we have no idea and no answers are forthcoming. However, we all know that the number seven is considered very sacred and significant in the Ageless Wisdom.These Seven are in essence the Seven Builders or Creators, also the Seven Rays, and are represented in Hindu mythology by the seven-headed serpent of Vishnu hovering over the head of Vishnu as he reclines on his couch on “the Waters of the Deep.”

They are the first beings to emerge from Brahma and their role is to build the Universe. They use the dynamic fire of Cosmic Electricity (Fohat as it is called by the Masters) to prepare primordial matter along seven major groups of vibrational energy. Thus seven major dimensions of consciousness spring into being contained by one of these Original Seven great Builders. From these awesome Seven emanate many kinds of Angelic hosts and high celestial beings, which all have special roles to play in this stupendous Cosmic drama.

Let us conclude by recalling again that wondrous pivotal moment when the universe flashed forth as the “Radiant Child” of the eternal parents. One is reminded of those magnificent words at the opening of the Gospel of St. John: “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” According to the Ageless Wisdom, this description is not about the Absolute Reality which always is and always will be on into infinity, and which has no beginning or end. Rather, they refer to this dramatic re-emergence and re-awakening of the Logos from which all else in this vast and mysterious Universe, with the help of the heavenly hosts and builders will once again come into existence.


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