The Emergence of the Universe…Part 8

The Three Stages of Re-Emergence

It would appear from the above that there are three major stages of the Re-Emergence and re-Awakening of Cosmos, and each of these is represented in the annals of the Masters by simple, yet profound symbols.

To recapitulate: the first is the forming of the focalised germ of “the Universe- to- be.” This is represented as a point within a circle. When the two poles of the Yin and the Yang are in the process of relating to each other after separating, the symbol of the circle with a vertical diameter is used. When the Cosmic Egg has become condensed and the process of differentiation and manifestation is coming into play, the circle dissected by a four-armed cross is presented. (Strangely this is also the origin of the rotating  swastika which is a very ancient Eastern symbol so horrifically misused by the Nazis in WW II). Interestingly, these three stages are also referred to as the first, second, and third aspects of the Logos, which is a Greek term used widely in the Ageless Wisdom and Theosophy to mean the “first born” from the Absolute.

From the point of view of metaphysics, this emerging Universe, the Logos, in contrast to its Source is limited, mortal, and subject to Maya and illusion. Yet it is a vast Oversoul possessing Universal Mind and Consciousness and is one with everything that manifests from its relative reality. Its three aspects are really the esoteric truth behind the Trinity in Hinduism and also in Christianity. In the latter, the Father is the first aspect, the will-to-be; the second, the Son is the preserving aspect, love-wisdom, the “Cosmic Christ,” the will-to-know; and the third is the Holy Spirit – the will-to-create. In the former, the three major gods Siva, Vishnu, and Brahma, can be equated with this astounding process.

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