The Emergence of the Universe…Part 7

The Correspondence between the Macrocosm and Microcosm

In the light of the above, it is interesting to consider the Masters’ advice in The Mahatma Letters regarding the importance of recognizing the correspondence between the Macrosom and the Microcosm and how this applies to the operation of the processes of Creation.In other words, the great Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below.” In Mahatma Letter 15, p. 70, the Master Koot Hoomi suggests:

“In studying esoteric cosmogony, keep a spiritual eye upon the physiological process of human birth; proceed from cause to effect establishing as you go along, analogies between the birth of man and that of a world. In our doctrine, you will find necessary the synthetic method; you will have to embrace the whole – that is to say to blend the macrocosm and microcosm together – before you are enabled to study the parts separately or analyze them with profit to your understanding. Cosmology is the physiology of the universe spiritualized for there is but one law.”

In Letter 15, pp. 88 – 89, the same Master writes further on this topic:

“Truly said a learned philosopher who trusts more to his intuition than the dicta of modern science. ‘The stages of man’s intra-uterine existence embody a condensed record of some of the missing pages in Earth’s history.’ Thus you must look back at the animal, vegetable and mineral entities. You must take each entity at its starting point in the manvantaric course as the primordial cosmic atom, already differentiated by the first flutter of the manvantaric life breath. For the potentiality which develops finally in a perfected planetary spirit lurks in, is in fact the primordial cosmic atom.”

There is a primordial cosmic “atom” or germ – also called Anu in Hindu philosophy – and it is in fact the potentiality for all the “germs” and “starting points” in all the kingdoms of nature on our planet, including the human and those that supercede the human such as the high Angelic beings, the Dhyan Chohans, and Planeary Spirits.

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