The Emergence of the Universe…Part 6

The Birth of the Logos

The flashing forth into full conscious manifestation of the Universe represents the pivotal point of the entire process and is referred to  in the Ageless Wisdom as the birth of the Logos. In The Secret Doctrine,  Vol. 1, Stanza III, v. 7, this most dramatic process is described metaphorically as “the radiant child of the two, the unparalleled refulgent glory. Brigth space, Son of Dark Space which emerges from the depths of the great dark waters…. He shines forth as the Sun; he is the blazing Dragon of Wisdom.”

Krishna Prem in his inspiring work, Man the Measure of All Things comments: “This is the birth of that which the Greeks call Cosmos or the adorned one and worshipped as a God. This is the Shining Wonder, a mere glimpse of which has made such seers as have been fortunate enough to attain this vision, drunk with the wine of utter God intoxication.” This is the “wondrous Child of the Eternal parents (the Yin and the Yang) ” and it is at this amazing juncture that, in the  metaphorical phrase of the Bible, “the morning stars sing together.” Krishna Prem continues: “The very thought of it fills the heart with the thunder of drums and of great waters with the soughing of the wind among the pine trees with the song of the birds in the spring, and with the whispering of the Lover in the ear of the Beloved.”

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