The Emergence of the Universe…Part 5

The Cosmic Germ and the Golden Cosmic Egg

Once the opening of the heart of the Mother to the Ray of the Father occurs, a focalized point or “Germ” begins to coalesce within the Darkness (The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1,Stanza III, vs. 1 – 3). One can think of it as a dormant seed which awakens to active growth when nurtured by the warmth of the Cosmic Spring. This “Germ” – also called the “bindu point” in some Eastern sacred texts – is not a thing but the abstract Non-Being which will later transform itself into being. Contained within it is the entire potential of the Cosmos. All that is going to manifest and re-emerge as the Universe is concentrated in this focalised point. Its energy is of the Infinite and is the unthinkable energy that will eventually maintain the Cosmos on all levels of vibrational being.

The same tension which caused the swelling of the Mother produces a concentration of energy which flashes forth as a great ray of Light. This marks the moment when the tension between the two poles suddenly reverses its direction. The remnants of the in-tension of the Cosmic Night lag behind, and the reverse tendencies are overcome by the rapidly mounting extensive forces of the Cosmic Day.

An immense Sound now thunders forth, the OM, the sound of all sounds which is endemic to all processes of creation. Then, as described in Stanza III, v. 3 of The Secret Doctrine,Vol. I, “Darkness radiates and Light drops one solitary Ray into the waters into the Mother deep.” “The Ray shoots through the Virgin Egg; the Ray causes the Eternal Egg to thrill and drop the non-eternal Germ which condenses into the Cosmic Egg.”

From this Cosmic Egg, symbolized in Hinduism by the Golden Egg – the Hiranyagharba, the entire creation and re-emergence of Cosmos will unfold. The Omnipresent Ray which has fecundated the Germ and produced the Cosmic Egg now causes matter to begin its long and mysterious series of differentiations. In other words, it is at this stage that “Creation proper” and the full manifestation of the Universe can commence.

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